Jared Lee Foster

Engineer – Artist    |   Create – Reflect

Jared is an engineer by education, but has always found himself coming back to artistic endeavors.  Prior to his studies in engineering Jared studied Art and Architecture for a year.  After college he would find himself coming back to art whether that be through photography, pencil and charcoal or painting.  From those three creative mediums Jared was drawn to painting for the mediums ability to convey colors and textures.  Other than the year of Art and Architecture Jared is a self taught artist with interest in color, self-expressive imagery, and natural abstraction in nature.

Jared was born in California and raised in Alaska where he started to understand the connections and importance of the natural world.  Although he does not create traditional landscapes his interaction with the natural world guides how he looks at nature and the natural abstraction that occurs in the environment.

Many of Jared’s paintings are inspired by nature, but push away from the macro compositional framework and embraces the abstraction in nature when contextual markers are removed.


Recent Activity

Joined the Main Street Arts Gallery - Martinez, California

I am excited to join a group of well respected and talented artists at Main Street Arts Gallery, located at 613 Main Street in Martinez, Calfornia

New Art Work!!!! - Concrete Forms in Light

Recently finished a 36″X48″ oil on canvas piece so feel free to check it out in the gallery.  Sticking with the theme of shadows and light, this piece  highlights harmony in color and strong compositional elements.





Creating in Progress!!! - Planes in Light

Working on a new piece looking at light on vertical planes and playing with paint application.  Check back soon to see the finished pieces.







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