Well, its another still life

I haven’t been painting over the last few weeks and felt like I needed to do something, so thought a daily type painting would be good.  This is bigger than my usual daily paintings so took a bit longer.  Working on trying not to get so detailed.
Bridge in Radke Martinez Regional Shoreline

Bridge in Radke Martinez Regional Shoreline

I have been looking for interesting places for shadows as part of my study of shadows and I was walking in the Radke Martinez Regional Park with my daughter and this picture is a result of that walk.  It embodies my daughter, looking forward without fear.  This took...

50 Strokes + or –

An exercise to see if I could do a 5″X7″ painting in 50 strokes.  I failed, but it was still a great exercise to force me to think about each stroke as well as paint more loosely.

Crawling Leaf

 It was fall or winter a few years ago in Sacramento and I found a bunch of curled leaves sitting on the pavement arched in a way that they reminded me of spiders crawling along the ground.  I realized liked how this leaf looked with the golden colors and dark...