Just a couple watermelon rinds.  After I painted this, I found the shadows might be confusing the subject, but I was interested in the shapes that the shadows made around the rinds.

Midnight Melon

I was cutting up some watermelon today and decided to use a few pieces for one of my daily paintings.  Started this late on Sunday and finished it at midnight.  I struggled with the color on the dark side of the melon pieces as well as the green rind.

BART Bench (Again)

I am going to keep playing around with the BART bench.  I went over the original monochromatic block in to establish some color variation.  I may make one more pass over this to try another scheme before stepping into larger working surface.

Melting Cupcake

Nothing special here, just a melting cupcake.  It was a challenge to paint because the cupcake didn’t look like a normal cupcake due to the melting frosting and my mind had a hard time reconciling what a cupcake should look like versus how this cupcake actually...

Shadow Study – BART Bench

I am going to be starting a new painting of this bench at one of the BART stops.  There is something about the angular composition, contrasting values in the shadows and potential to push this in a couple ways.  I started with a previously painted panel and found the...